Here you will find a site's selection related by far or closely with the field of antique papers, posters or documents. Good visits!

Car Online
A pretty selection of antique cars images
Le Musée de la Publicité
On the Poster's topic, the Museum covers the Poster's history worldwide, from the origins to nowadays. The collection counts approximately 40.000 antique French and foreign posters covering the period from mid of the 18th century to 1949 and 45 000 contemporary posters deposited by the agencies, advertisers or graphic designers.
Authentic Car
A beautiful site about sport's cars and automobile specialists. not to miss!
Publicités de parfums
A lovely collection of publicity on perfumes
Les Journées 14-18
Very beautiful site paying tribute to the 14-18 French soldiers and to those days, small paperboard or tinplate medals which were sold for the effort of war. You will find "Theme days"; many collectors are passionate about these small symbols, great testimonies of the 1st war.
Les mémoires cannoises du Festival International du Film
"Les mémoires Cannoises" association's website, acting for an obligation to remember...

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